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Get Adobe After effects CS6 for lifetime

Get Adobe After effects CS6 for lifetime
Welcome to Tekoworld, today I will show you how to get Adobe After Effects CS6 for life time.
Adobe After Effects Cs6 is a very powerful software that is used to create animated videos and many more creative stuffs. Adobe After Effects is made by Adobe and you have to purchase it to use full version of it, but today I will show you how to get that for free.

Getting After Effects CS6 free:Download After Effects CS6 here.Extract the file anywhere you want.Extract AfterEffects_11_LS7 by clicking extract here.Turn off the internet connection.Run setup from the extracted folder.Install After effects as trail version.After installation, right click the shortcut and go to file location.Now copy the .dll file from cracked dll folder in the downloaded folder of after effects and paste it into the root directory you just open. Don't run after effects until you have pasted the cracked .dll file in the root directory. After that your After Effects CS…

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